Perspective is Everything in 2014

As published on Huffington Post

What do we do the most of? We Think. We think about what to wear, what we have to do next, what we will have for dinner, but along with those common daily thoughts, we not only think but also rethink negative, self-defeating thoughts. How and what we think is one of the most important keys to our happiness. Your thoughts and perspective will control and manipulate your entire life. It’s not the situation that upsets, depresses or worries us, it’s how we view (perspective) and think of that situation that causes us unnecessary angst.

Everything begins in our minds, and our life is influenced by what we allow ourselves to think and ruminate about. Choose the right thoughts; choose to dwell on the good and not the bad. You are what you think and you think what you believe, so start believing in higher things.

We spend quite a bit of time running “plays” through our minds of things we think will happen or how we would love to get even with someone that has hurt us. We not only think it through, but we visualize it as well. This is a very powerful manifestation technique, but the problem is that we are manifesting negative situations that drain our energy and propels us to a “dark” place. Practice switching gears and run positive “plays” and you will be surprised of the outcome. Use your thoughts to change your situation in a positive not negative way.

Perspective is everything and it is a choice. Two men are sitting on a beach eating sardines and Vienna sausages from a can and one man says, “ This is terrible. I’m eating franks and sardines on a beach.” The other man says,” I choose to see it as I’m eating surf and turf with an ocean view.” Now, I ask you, which man is going to be happier? And don’t people flock towards happy people? And don’t happy people live more purposeful lives?

In 2014, make the choice to change your thoughts and you will change your world. Remember, what you think during times of adversity will determine how long you remain there. Don’t waste a minute more being unhappy, angry or bitter. You are in control, so use your thoughts to move you forward into a very promising year.

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