Positive Thinking for 2011

As published in Sunset Drive Magazine

“Most people think about what to do next such as what to wear, what to say or what we will have for dinner but along with daily thoughts, we think and many times rethink negative, self-defeating thoughts. How and what we think is crucial to our happiness. Your thoughts will control and manipulate your entire life. It’s not the situation that upsets, depresses or worries you; it’s how you view and think of that situation that causes unnecessary angst.

Everything begins in the mind and life is influenced by what we allow ourselves to think and ruminate about. Choose the right thoughts; choose to dwell on the good and not the bad. You are what you think and what you believe, so start striving for higher things.

A number of individuals spend time running “plays” of negative situations that they think may happen or how they can repay hurting moments. This can drain one’s energy and propel the individual to a “dark” place. When this occurs, try switching gears and run positive “plays” and you will be surprised of the outcome. Use your thoughts to change your situation in a positive not negative way.

In 2011, make the choice to change your thoughts and you will change your world. Remember, what you think during times of adversity will determine how long you remain there. Don’t waste a minute more being unhappy, angry or bitter. You are in control so use your thoughts to move you forward into a very promising year.”


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