Travel at Home

As published in The Florida Villager.

Hello fellow travelers.  Feeling a little down, frustrated and disappointed looking at your passport and tickets sitting on your desk?  Well, the reality is the Coronavirus has put a screeching halt on your travel plans and there is no point in fighting this but that doesn’t mean you still can’t vacation.  This is an unexpected opportunity to get creative and enjoy a new way to “get away.” So, let’s get brain storming.

Did you organize a family vacation? Here is an idea, as a family you can plan a camping trip.  No need to look further than your own backyard.  Pitch tents, get the coolers and grill out, set up those outdoor games that have gathered cobwebs in your garage and uncover the firepit.  Treat this as if you were actually in Yosemite.  That means no Wi-Fi or indoor showering.  Ok, you can use the bathroom but that’s it.  This is a total immersion experience.  Have s’mores and tell ghost stories around the firepit at night, get blankets and look at the stars and create a scavenger hunt around the neighborhood. 

Make a travel wish list, then go online and find videos about the destinations, read up on the city’s history and activities.  If it’s a foreign country, start learning basic phrases in that language or the customs.  If there is an art museum you want to visit, learn about an artist in depth so by the time you get there, visitors will think you are the docent.

Dine around the world from your own kitchen.  If you’re a cook (of which I am not0, you will have fun with this.  Pick a locale and a recipe from there and plan a dinner once a week.  Ok, I’ll take a stab at this.  Boston. Fenway park. Hot dogs.  Easy breezy.

Research spas and come up with a spa menu.  It’s amazing the beauty recipes one can find inline.  Think Japanese.  Don’t skimp on this.  Have several “services” along with your robe, head towel and slippers.  Draw a bath with rose petals, spa music and a Mimosa.  Play spa music and afterwards curl up with a blanket and book.

Beaches are closed?  No problemo.  Get a kiddie pool, fill with sand, put a beach towel down and soak up the sun.  Make a batch of Margaritas, play your best Jimmy Buffet and work on that tan.

Fashion Week canceled?  You got this covered.  Go through magazines, Pinterest and cruise the internet to pick out outfits you like.  Armed with pictures, enter your closet and revamp away.  Make a list of clothes, shoes, and accessories you need to complete your new Fashion Week ensembles. 

Gardening is your thing?  Tour the famous gardens of the world from the comfort of your favorite chair and make a vision board of how you want your back, side or front yard to look.  Now is the perfect time to get in the running for the coveted Yard of the year award in your neighborhood.

Since you can’t physically visit these places, tap into your creativity and have some fun.  Just remember, this too shall pass but you won’t be able to travel if you are not healthy.  Take advantage of this time to yourself or with your family.  Follow the “rules of engagement” to counter attack this virus and you will be back on the road or in your favorite airport in no time!