Snow vs. Sand: Which Will You Choose?

snow vs. sand

As published in The Florida Villager.

Decisions, decisions!  Can’t decide whether you want a snowy or sandy vacation this year, maybe these suggestions will help your decision along.  With travel opening back up, many destinations along with airlines are offering some great deals.  Of course, a Covid test and mask are required for flying, but the aggravation that these restrictions bring might be worth it when you see the deals and end your day either in a hot tub overlooking a snowy mountain or toes in the sand with a rum punch.

Living in Miami and having easy access to any destination has made travel to the Caribbean a common occurrence but these islands are offering up some fantastic deals to entice the tourists back, so it might be worth a revisit.

Cabo Verde has implemented a 6-month work visa, so grab your lap top and work remotely while sun bathing.  You will have to do some leg work in locating hotels, as everything is not up and running, but I suspect you will find some amazing deals and will be more than happy sipping that cool drink by one of the lagoons.

Honduras and the small island of Roatan might just be the place you are looking for to get away from it all.  They are offering some of the best deals on hotel stays and rum tastings.  They are getting back on their feet after experiencing back-to-back hurricanes so they are very motivated to accommodate new tourists.

Cozumel is dying to get their tourism back up and running and with the cruise industry on hold, hotels and airlines are offering some great deals.  Hotels are throwing in some discounts as well so there is no excuse not to go explore the Mayan ruins and  coexist with the beautiful underwater life that the Mexican Caribbean offers.

Well, since you live in balmy South Florida, maybe you are looking for something other than sand so I have just the places for you.  Now, you won’t get the deals that you would in the above-named destinations, but you will get snow.

The Westin Resort and Spa at Whistler is well known for its amenities and style.  This luxury resort in British Columbia, Canada has everything you could possibly want for a winter wonderland vacation including

in-room fireplaces.  Nothing sounds better than cozying up to a fire in your private room after a long day of skiing and tubing.

Nestled amongst snow-capped trees in Colorado is the St. Regis Aspen Resort. Located in the center of town, it makes for the perfect location to enjoy the apres-ski scene or you just might opt to stay at the resort and gaze the beautiful views from their heated outdoor pool.

Last, but certainly not least, is the Vail Marriott Mountain Resort in Colorado.  This would definitely be my first  choice as its old-world feel is enticing.  It lies at the base of Vail mountain, where after a long vigorous day of skiing, you can lay back in a hot tub and look at the

Breath-taking Rockies.  I can’t think of a better way to end a day.

So, whether you choose snow or sand this year for a well-deserved vacation, you won’t go wrong with any of these destinations.  Remember, places everywhere are trying to boost their tourism, so there will be deals, you just might have to ask.  Double check cancellation policies on hotels and flights as well because restrictions have lessened, making it even easier to travel in these uncertain times.  Don’t let the fear of Covid stop you from enjoying your life. There is so much to see and do, so find your comfort level, adjust your travel plans to that and hit the road.